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monotone build failure - debugging help please

A little more than a week ago, Stephen Marenka kindly got the 68k
buildd going on my package (monotone) and I see that a build log has
now been uploaded for it (
)  Unfortunately, the build failed, due to testsuite problems.  I do
not have access to any 68k machine so I would appreciate some help
debugging this.  Could someone please do a trial build and investigate
any testsuite failures you see?

It appears that all the failed test cases have something to do with
the network protocol ("netsync").  That is certainly some of the
hairiest code in the program, but I'm kinda wondering if there is
something unusual about the network in the sbuild environment.  (The
test suite wants to bind a random unprivileged TCP port, on the
loopback interface only, for every network test.)

Also, it's unlikely to be a direct cause of the problem, but I would
like to know if the package can be persuaded to take less than 44
hours to build by  adjusting the CFLAGS-setting logic at the top of
debian/rules to use -O1 instead of -O2 on m68k. :)

Thaks again,

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