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Re: monotone build failure - debugging help please

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 01:42:11AM -0800, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> A little more than a week ago, Stephen Marenka kindly got the 68k
> buildd going on my package (monotone) and I see that a build log has
> now been uploaded for it (
> http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=monotone;ver=0.37-4;arch=m68k;stamp=1197113243
> )  Unfortunately, the build failed, due to testsuite problems.  I do
> not have access to any 68k machine so I would appreciate some help
> debugging this.  Could someone please do a trial build and investigate
> any testsuite failures you see?

I have no issue with doing this, but wouldn't you prefer doing it

If so, I can probably fix up a machine so that you could log into that
and attempt it there.

> It appears that all the failed test cases have something to do with
> the network protocol ("netsync").  That is certainly some of the
> hairiest code in the program, but I'm kinda wondering if there is
> something unusual about the network in the sbuild environment.  (The
> test suite wants to bind a random unprivileged TCP port, on the
> loopback interface only, for every network test.)
> Also, it's unlikely to be a direct cause of the problem, but I would
> like to know if the package can be persuaded to take less than 44
> hours to build by  adjusting the CFLAGS-setting logic at the top of
> debian/rules to use -O1 instead of -O2 on m68k. :)

I don't think that's very helpful. Reducing optimization to -O1 will
indeed make the build go faster, but then the resulting binary will be
quite a bit slower. I think I prefer having a faster binary over
decreasing build time.

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