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Re: Washi

> > One problem I had previous which I
> > think has since been solved is that I was unable to remote display
> > aranym.  It wanted to do many screen refreshes a second which the
> > network was unhappy about.
> Mark, this is perfectly configurable... Set it to 1 FPS and your network
> should be 25 times happier than with the default setting :-)
> SETUP -> VIDEO -> Videl Refresh rate.
> You didn't know about that? :-(

Have you checked that this is in fact being honored by the Linux
framebuffer driver? In video=keep mode it should be, but otherwise Linux
might reprogram the VIDEL "registers" at boot.

Other than that, this should help. Disabling the framebuffer console will
still leave ARAnyM read from the framebuffer, so both are perhaps needed.

Re: debug=par use for capturing installer logs: we can write a kernel char
device module that does just relay its input to the natfeat parport. I'll
see what I can come up with there...


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