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[buildd] Arrakis is up again


Some good news! As some may have noticed, Arrakis is back online for about a
week now. But it's not as speedy as it could be, because it's using NBD for
its buildd chroots. 

The reasons for the very long downtime were strange SCSI hang ups. I usually
expected termination issues and these are difficult to solve from a 450 km
When I was lately visiting my parents home again, I had the chance to
investigate more deeply and found 

a) there was one of three resistors on the mainboard missing near to the
SCSI chip. 

b) one of the pins of the SCSI connector on the 9 GB SCSI disk PCB was loose
and needs re-soldering, which I will do within the next days. Never ever saw
that before, but explains the SCSI problems pretty well... ;)

So I hope that Arrakis can help again in getting the backlog done. Wouter
already started to handle its logfiles again...  

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