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Re: [mac68k] Do you ant to play with a floppy ?

Le 2 sept. 07 à 06:59, Brian Morris a écrit :

On 8/31/07, Laurent Vivier <laurent@lvivier.info> wrote:

Le 1 sept. 07 à 03:43, Branden Robinson a écrit :

On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 01:14:22AM +0200, Laurent Vivier wrote:

EMILE, the macintosh m68k bootloader, is now able to manage "multiboot".

If you want to play with a pre-release, download

You, sir, continue to rock.

(Sorry I can't offer any actual testing feedback, which is probably more
valuable than praise.  But have some praise anyway.  :) )

It is always good to know that a useless work answers to someone prayers :-D

I tried it out and it worked on my quadra605 and my quadra630.
Actually I only tried the rescue system option which worked
in the old version too. So in that sense the new menu is useless.
(but ide drive is not detected in 630) But easier for people to
see the potential with the new menu I think. Options are always
nice !

But, am I supposed to be able to boot an existing system that is
on my hard drive now, without installing emile on my hard drive ?

Yes, but this first version was a little bit buggy and the hard disk option had been lost.
You can try a good one in the nightly snapshot of EMILE:


If I could put the option to boot macos or skip it that would not be
useless to me.  But I do not install emile on my hard drive because
I still find refuge in the old macos for its human interface design
(despite its limitations) and efficiency (inarguable).

Yes, but for the moment I don't know how to come back to MacOS.

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