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Re: cross gcc-4.1.2-12 packages


> just to let you know my attempt to send my ppc tarball to bill in
> email failed, some server unknown where to me (called yellowpig)
> rejected it although gmail took it it bounced somewhere.
> if someone with ppc has a drop box or anonymous ftp spot then
> I could donate it but otherwise I guess not.

Drop it on my inbox if it's not too big (i.e. over 15 MB). I'll put it
where Bill can find it.

> am looking package masqmail to see if there is a way I can
> mail direct rather than through gmail but (a) am not sure
> gmail does not appear to be the problem (b) exim4 mailer on
> debian warns me that with my variable inet adresses (basicly
> arbitrary) it is customary to go through a mail host, which is
> what i do already with gmail.

your mail might have triggered some other reject flag (size, for one). If
your mail to my account gets rejected, I'll have to increase the max
messages size on our end. I'll keep an eye on the logs to catch this.


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