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Re: Debian-NetBSD for 68k would ease porting issues ?

On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 05:32:30PM -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> Netbsd: more difference with models ("platform" is i believe the
> proper term) w/in 68k at kernel/toolchain level,

how many different models do they support? I don't think there will be many
more than linux-m68k supports, we have linux-images (which is the only
package that has to be adapted to the m68k subarch) for amiga, atari, mac.
There used to be images for mvme147, mvme16x, bvme, q40, hp, sun3, but due
to lack of users, we are not building them anymore. That is, those images
were built, but there was no feedback if those images work, so building them
was switched off to save some time and avoid patch conflict problems. When
those users come back, we can turn building those images on again
immediately. Are there many netbsd-hp users that only wait to switch to
debian netbsd?

> less issues at user level with practically no need for any separate
> attention to 68k packages vis a vis any other processors (i386 typically)

So you are saying when a package uses ia32 asm code or compiler options, it
will still compile on m68k?

> Netbsd: apparently there are some packages known are Shared on
> the installation images which are the intermediate level where the
> brand of 68k does not matter but 68k matters for prebuilt binaries reason.

You can install any m68k deb on any m68k machine, they will run, even if it
is not very useful to have a partitioning tool for the mac running on your
atari. Which m68k packages can only be installed on one subarch? I have
never seen one of those.

But of course you can start debian-m68k/netbsd. I personally do not plan to
switch to netbsd as long as linux is legal to use. The reason that I
switched to debian at work 10 years ago, was that I used debian on my amiga.
It is so much nicer when you can use the same software, have the same
options and config files in the same place. Plus I like to have more than
one virtual console, I prefer white text on black background on the console,
and whatever else is different on netbsd. NetBSD will probably be fine, but
it will be different. But maybe you could convince the active netbsd
community to work on debian/netbsd?


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