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Debian-NetBSD for 68k would ease porting issues ?

hi, I was reading up on netbsd and saw claim that porting
is simplified under their kernel because of some abstraction
to the hardware, that only in the kernel and a few toolchain
items would actually porting usually be much of an issue there.

anyone care to consider this ? since as debian-netbsd now has
existence as part of Debian with one port, and in my reading
they said this feature makes porting to netbsd easier than other
OS which is why netbsd supports so inclusively many architectures.

I would assume that since there is a netbsd-68k for mac, atari, amiga
it is simply a matter of someone to start building packages ? Well,
maybe a little more than that.


p.s. a very nice revamp of the Emile web page at source forge
with the new release of emile. anybody who hasn't seen it,
go take a look ! there are a couple of nice surprises, one is

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