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Re: Etch/m68k

> > Patched to do what differently?
> * To recognize etch-m68k as an actually existing suite (that's buildd,
>   really, rather than sbuild, but okay)

Does the build database already know about etch-m68k? Does it even need
to? Can't we just figure out what needs to be done for the new 'stable' ??

(/me going to disable stable building for the time being anyway)

> * To do the changelog munging you mentioned above ;)

That would be another option :-)

> I haven't terribly looked into this yet, though, so it might be that I'm
> confused and that it actually /is/ possible. I'll have a look at it
> sometime next weekend.

I haven't actually looked at it at all. Do we still need to handle the
testing scripts ourselves?


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