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Re: Debian-NetBSD for 68k would ease porting issues ?

"Brian Morris" <cymraegish@gmail.com> writes:

> hi, I was reading up on netbsd and saw claim that porting
> is simplified under their kernel because of some abstraction
> to the hardware, that only in the kernel and a few toolchain
> items would actually porting usually be much of an issue there.
> anyone care to consider this ? since as debian-netbsd now has
> existence as part of Debian with one port, and in my reading
> they said this feature makes porting to netbsd easier than other
> OS which is why netbsd supports so inclusively many architectures.
> I would assume that since there is a netbsd-68k for mac, atari, amiga
> it is simply a matter of someone to start building packages ? Well,
> maybe a little more than that.
> Brian
> p.s. a very nice revamp of the Emile web page at source forge
> with the new release of emile. anybody who hasn't seen it,
> go take a look ! there are a couple of nice surprises, one is
> obvious.

Everything is already ported to Linux m68k so there is no work left
there. And I think the issues for a potential bsd port are the same as
for a linux port plus the problems porting to bsd in gerneral.

A Debian-NetBSD for m68k port would also split the m68k resources in
two and thus double the load imho.

But feel free to start the building and gather a user base large
enough to be a release candidate.


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