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Re: Future of m68k - Etch and beyond

On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 05:15:55PM +0100, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> It would be nice if you could provide step-by-step instructions on how to
> get a working system, I gave up after I could not get nfsroot to work.

It was pretty straightforward for me. The ISO image which you can
download from the Freescale website sets up a directory with binaries;
after creating that directory, adding it to /etc/exports and getting the
kernel to the device, it all worked for me.

Oh, right, I did have to specify the MAC address on the kernel command
line to get the NIC to work, but that's about it.

Could you give some more details as to what's going wrong? Perhaps in
private, if it's too convoluted for this mailinglist :)

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