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Re: Debian 68k warp engine SCSI problem

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 12:47:52AM +0900, Arda Karaduman wrote:

> scsi0 bad dsa pointer
> scsi0 disabled,
> I really don't want to use the onboard scsi device. Does the warp
> engine scsi device has a linux driver ? maybe I need to pass some
> parameters to install script or make some drivers available ?
> many thanks,

Depending on your used kernel version, there might be different answers...

I'm running Debian on my A3000 with Warpengine 040/40 with a custom build
2.6.14 kernel (by Kars de Jonk). 
I don't know whether that patch did make it into main kernel yet or not. 

Small side question: do you have that clip attached on pin 2 of one of the
CIAs as needed?

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