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Debian 68k warp engine SCSI problem


I tried to install debian 68k on my amiga with no success. My system
is a an Amiga 3000 with Warpengine 040/28 with 64 mb ram and 16 mb
onboard ram. I don't have a graphics card, but I do have a X-Surf
network card. The problem is the installer doesn't recognise the warp
engine scsi controller, so it can't find my cd-rom drive connected
I get the resutls,

scsi0 bad dsa pointer
scsi0 disabled,

scsi1 amiga 3000 built in scsi

I really don't want to use the onboard scsi device. Does the warp
engine scsi device has a linux driver ? maybe I need to pass some
parameters to install script or make some drivers available ?
many thanks,

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