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Re: Buildd

On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 10:07:44AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> The mace driver has some hallmarks of a half finshed project - not to slag
> jmt, maybe he never saw the transmit timeouts... He's to be credited for
> figuring out the PSC stuff, that should be the only difference to the
> powermac MACE then. txdma and rxdma reset are implemented, the rest
> should be similar to powermac.

He was always too busy to finish anything by himself, but did a great
job if he had someone else testing and making suggestions. He did a
lot of the IIfx related code as well (OSS/IOP support), but most of
that code came through me before it really went anywhere. This was
one thing he didn't ever get much of a response on. I think we kind
of wore him out because he was covering a lot of code more or less
by himself. I haven't seen him on the lists in a little while.

> Disk acting up? Pity we can't easily netboot a Mac without working disk
> ...

No, it won't power up. I think it just needs a new battery, but I'm
having more trouble finding replacements recently. I already had to
change them out on some other boxes like my IIfx, and the symptoms
were similar. I just need to find someplace that has them in stock,
or I may just give up and order them.

> pmac_zilog should be a straightforward port (I looked at it while fixing
> the Atari serial driver) but we'll have no end of trouble to get rid of
> incoming characters now that the tty flip buffer can't be flushed from
> interrupt context. Anyway, the mac serial I can help out with, having
> hardware to test. The MACE driver I can only cook up a speculative patch.

I have hardware for most of the major 68k mac features now, but some of
my systems have issues. The only major thing I don't have is probably
the Q900/Q950/WGS95 system. So no caboose or some of the other odd stuff.

	Brad Boyer

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