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Re: Buildd

> > The Q840 has a MACE ethernet card IIRC? Someone really needs to flesh out
> > the TX timeout handler for MACE - it's just a stub so far.
> Yes, the AV models all have MACE. It's exactly the same chip as in some
> early powermacs. I've never tried the macmace.c driver since it used
> to be very unstable. I had extra 8390 cards laying around anyway.

The mace driver has some hallmarks of a half finshed project - not to slag
jmt, maybe he never saw the transmit timeouts... He's to be credited for
figuring out the PSC stuff, that should be the only difference to the
powermac MACE then. txdma and rxdma reset are implemented, the rest
should be similar to powermac.

> I'll try to take a look if I can get my Q840AV running again, but that
> may or may not be posssible. Hopefully someone else can take a look
> at it before then.

Disk acting up? Pity we can't easily netboot a Mac without working disk

> One of my current projects is to make it so we can share a few more
> drivers with pmac, and mace.c is one of them (pmac_zilog.c is
> first on the list). I haven't had much time to work on it lately,
> and several of my macs are starting to have trouble.

pmac_zilog should be a straightforward port (I looked at it while fixing
the Atari serial driver) but we'll have no end of trouble to get rid of
incoming characters now that the tty flip buffer can't be flushed from
interrupt context. Anyway, the mac serial I can help out with, having
hardware to test. The MACE driver I can only cook up a speculative patch.


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