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Re: Buildd

> SRM> I suppose that means some machines aren't running 2.4.x or later? zeus
> SRM> and poseidon have been running 2.6 for a while (yeah).
> Kiivi is running 2.2.25. It's a Mac Quadra 840AV. 2.6.17 (18?) finally
> booted fine (modulo RTC) but in a day it dropped out of network - like
> other have reported for Q840. So it's back to 2.2.25 :(

I've resorted to blacklisting RTC on q650, and running ntpdate every 15
minutes. That keeps the date current.

The network timeout is more serious - I see the transmit timeout as well
on q650 but it doesn't seem to hurt there.

The Q840 has a MACE ethernet card IIRC? Someone really needs to flesh out
the TX timeout handler for MACE - it's just a stub so far.

I'd suggest to at least perform a TX DMA reset after freeing the skb's
currently in-flight, and calling netif_wake_queue(dev) to restart
transmits. If that's not enough, reset the chip (see mace_open for the
magic incantations).

The powermac MACE driver does somewhat more elaborate reset handling, so
look there if all else fails.


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