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Re: cross gcc-4.1.1-20 packages and using distcc+crosscc

On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 02:01:20AM -0800, Brian Morris wrote:
> i built this all on my g4/550ppc. somehow i got ds2-17, i didn't see 20.
> is that going to cause me problems. what is the ds2 anyway. is that 
> eliminated
> when the gcc build that is in progress now gets done ??. it looked like
> only 68k had that ds2 the other arches left it off.

ds2 is for 'Debian Source 2'. Only the gcc source package carry it, not
the binary. ds2-17 have m68k bugs that are fixed in ds2-20 so I strongly
suggest to get the ds2-20 sources (use apt-get source gcc-4.1 on the
ppc, not on the m68k).

> i haven't tested it yet. the specifying of the port adress in debconf for
> distcc confused me, i left it blank. i am not sure if i want the demon to
> be running when i am online or not ? also my favorite old powerpc it quit

You could use a specific network to communicate to the 68k box, use
ipmasq on the ppc (for gateway) and have distcc only listen to that
network. That is what I do.  

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large blue swirl here. 

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