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Re: Installing Debian on 68k Macintosh

On 11/21/06, De Served <deserved@cogeco.ca> wrote:

The LCIII has a 68030 processor and no FPU.   The machine has 36MB of
upgraded VRAM, and I have a 9GB Seagate Barracuda drive available for
Debian reportedly does run on this machine.

yahh, i just installed sarge on a FPU-less lcIII w/36mb RAM a few months ago.
it took about 8 hours for a really basic install, almost the absolute
min. the only
thing is it had no e/net and it seems to me that might overload it
(just a guess).

also i could NOT install with less ram, i had 20 in it before. unless you do
some manual or semi manual way. the debian installer for  sarge wants the
36, although i think it would run with 20 probably ok. certainly the
emile rescue
floppy boots with 20 and that takes 10 for the ram disk ...

I am assuming that the EMILE boot loader will work on both of these
machines.   I have checked the EMILE compatibility WIKI and note that
is confirmed to work with the Quadra 700.   I am assuming that EMILE
also boot the LCIII.

it boots the emile floppies for me, and also there is a netinstall floppy
you might try if you can download a cd image to your 86 box... or if
you have space on that big disk and can somehow get the image
there there is an installer ramdisk that boots off an iso on the hard drive.

actually i got a quadra later, i simply moved/copied the same install
from the lc and it booted the quadra too. so you could try that, see.


_The Choice_

I am leaning toward the LCIII as my choice for a Debian install.   I
the lower profile case and lower power consumption.   The LCIII,
using a slower 68030 processor and lacking an FPU, has almost twice as
RAM installed than the Quadra 700.   I'm banking on the idea that less
usage will offset the speed consequences of the missing FPU and slower

_The Purpose_

I want to setup the LCIII as a simple NFS server that will store various
episodes of the A-Team.   The low profile case of the LCIII makes it an
ideal choice.   Additionally, the incredibly low power consumption means
that I can leave this machine powered up indefinitely without having too
much of an impact on electricity costs.

I have several PDS 10Mb Ethernet cards available for the LCIII.

D.E. Served

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