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Re: First package build on aranym

> > It should be compared to the buildlog on hobbes:
> > <http://buildd.Debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=pari;ver=2.3.1-2;arch=m68k;stamp=1161007964>
> >
> > It took approximatively 24 hours (wallclock time) so it is approximately
> > 3 times slower, but there is room for improvement.
> Actually that is not accurate: I build the full package while hobbes buit
> only binary-arch, so aranym is not that slow.

Even 3 times slower than hobbes is faster than the Quadra 650 ...

> > Almost successfully because for some reason dpkg-shlibdeps failed to
> > find most dependencies, so the package has missing dependencies.
> This was a general dpkg failure that was fixed by downgrading dpkg to
> the Etch version (probably a FPU emulation bug).

And this was using which version of aranym? The latest version gave
trouble booting 2.6 ...


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