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Re: linux-image-2.6-17-mac tries

On 9/14/06, Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org> wrote:
On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 03:10:01AM -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> hi, all
> checking in -
> i have been trying the 2.6.17 kernel on my old lcIII/performa450
> (68030 no FPU).
> its a bit of a mish-mash, how i did.
> download linux-image-2.6*.deb
> ran apt-get install module-init-tools and initramfs-tools
> (which brought in about 12 more packages to resolve dependencies)
> ran dpkg install l*2.6*deb
> editing initramfs-tools/config to modules=dep
> mkinitramfs -o initrd-dep-test
> copy that back up to hfs mac space with kernel to boot w/penguin.

The initrd is not used on m68k, so don't worry about copying it onto the mac
OS side or giving it as a boot parameter. All necessary drivers are built
in, everything else can be loaded from the modules when you installed the

is there a reason you are doing this, which seems to
complicate the hardware support ?

> (all above done on base sarge install, added etch cd-rom of
> 8-10-06 for init tools etc via apt-cdrom ... )
> (part of this i did booted from emile resue disc for speedier a little)
> trying to boot right now i get hang up right after it identifies
> the scsi devices, i think maybe i should check or redo the initrd again.
> the errors read :
> block_queue_max_hardware_segments:set to minimum 1
> (repeated 10x -between around scsci device idents, followed by)
> "bus error in macscsi_pread"

I don't know about the SCSI hardware in your mac, on a Q840AV, I use:

> i took me a few tries with the ppc arch. well.

ppc arch on an m68k mac?

(to upgrade a 1997 powerbook to run etch/2.6.15)

i have 3 ppc macs and 3 68k macs:  i was hoping
to use ppc to recompile as needed, particularly whatever
is needed to get one of the 520/540 going.

i don't really care much for the lcIII but i had the
way to install a system with that and then try to
boot it from the old powerbook in disc mode.

it is sort of a porting method, i guess.

i have the 540 disk mode with my sarge+ system on it
and i boot that from the lcIII scsi external connector.  also i can
put the 540 in disk mode connected to my ppc powerbook, which is
running 2.6.15/etch now.  i had
it hooked up like that to transfer the linux-image*.deb

from what i understand to run the 540 it will need to
have massive recompiling with FPU traps taken out.
so this is how i would build it, although to test
it would still help to have the lciii even though it is
too slow even in text/console w/out FPU.

(maybe i will get one)

> the system will still boot 2.2 kernel. it just complains about
> missing udev support briefly, skips it.
> i was thinking about i should configure slattach and then i could
> log in with a serial cable via the one of my old world powemacs.
> in case it does boot eventually, i could work with it that way, i
> could have a xterm window on serial line IP...

If SCSI does not work, I doubt you can log in via slip.

nothing works before it works. i mean it might work
where it does work, either on the older machine, and/or
the older kernel and work up from there.

Most people suggest
that you install a full CPU, ie one with FPU.

yes,  some old Sun / Next did work without them even though of course slow...

i am considering my options here, the 540 needs a soldering job, the
lciii has the 68882 empty socket,
also some combo card fits in that ones pds slot but is
very expensive.

it is more about learning/ experience right now for me
than for production use, although i would like to
use them for some programming / prototyping of
text applications eventually (no graphics, just console);
and of course to broaden and deepen my linux skills.

> i also tried still booting the 540 again. i need it to at least get

Thats a different machine? A notebook? IIRC that was not supported very
well by the kernel.

there were some supported of the '030s, i would like
to get the '040s. there was one guy two years ago,
had netbsd recompiled w/out traps and was starting
to work with the '040s in debian also ...

some people say we might have better luck with 2.6.;
once it has been going on the previously supported

> into the system, version of the kernel, before i am going to
> try all that compiling... It should boot, at least, right ? but
> it does same thing as 2.6 here is panic/stack trace (so much
> output i can't see what happened).
> i am trying to see to  acess /build new cross
> compiler.  (i can't stand osX/gratis past Jaguar,  so I have to use the
> debian/libre version).

I can't follow here. What compiling? What does OSX have to do with an m68k

should have nothing, IMHO (but some people think
that coldfire will run a cut down osx on a palm like
MS did with their junk (better of course, but still
nothing like Linux)). the cross compilers come
in two flavours tho - one for debian and one for osx,
and they seem
to be different, as well as some kernel developments
going in parallel there of the sourceforge project.

hope this clarifies the situation some, sorry. this is
really a long term project, but i want to check
out what may be available to me.


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