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Atari machines running Debian?


in the last few days Finn almost convinced me (during numerous tests
we've made) that ARAnyM is perhaps not buggy at all and that the errors
I experience are actually due to bugs in kernel and/or glibc. Note that
I am running a 2.4.27 kernel compiled by myself on a minimal sarge
installation that was IIRC upgraded from woody. 112 MB of FastRAM, IDE
disk drive, MC68040... 

I am wondering how many other Atari machines are running Sarge or Etch
and are rock stable - survive dist-upgrade, for example. Are those
Falcons with CT60 deployed as Debian buildd machines already? What
kernel are they running? Are they rock stable? And is there any other
user of linux-m68k on Atari?

On a related note: Finn keeps telling me to go for 2.6.x kernel. Where I
can get the latest source code? How far (apart from framebuffer) are
they from running on Atari hardware? If I patched in my ethernet support
I could perhaps boot it and ssh in? 

And ARAnyM related: has anyone tried running different kernel than the
one I provided? Different distro than sarge or woody? Do they also
experience missing files when try something as simple as "tar -c /usr
>/dev/null" ?



P.S. current daily/weekly/beta d-i builds of etch fail immediately when
I tried them with my 2.4.27 kernel. Do they *require* kernel 2.6.x?

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