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Re: Atari machines running Debian?

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> On a related note: Finn keeps telling me to go for 2.6.x kernel. Where I
> can get the latest source code? How far (apart from framebuffer) are


> they from running on Atari hardware? If I patched in my ethernet support
> I could perhaps boot it and ssh in? 

At least 2.6.14 did compile with the Atari defconfig.

BTW, what happened to the patches for framebuffer support? I remember someone
was working on it for ARAnyM, but I'm still waiting for the patches...

> And ARAnyM related: has anyone tried running different kernel than the
> one I provided? Different distro than sarge or woody? Do they also
> experience missing files when try something as simple as "tar -c /usr
> >/dev/null" ?

Nope, so far (last weekend) I only tried your kernel and ramdisk.



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