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Re: buildd macs, was Re: [buildd] Etch?

On Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 03:56:21PM +0200, Erik Laan wrote:
> Peter wrote:
> >>Please try this kernel
> >>
> >>http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/linux-image/linux-image-2.6.17-2-mac_2.6.17-6.1_m68k.deb
> >>
> >>Christian
> >>
> >
> >
> >This kernel is the first 2.6x kernel that boots into a login prompt on
> >my Quadra 610. The keyboard is nor responding, but login through ssh
> >works. The other issue is the hwclock, it gives error messages and sets
> >the time to jan 1, 1970. Other than that I see no problems so far.
> >
> >Q610:/home/pvz# linuxinfo
> >Linux Q610 2.6.17-2-mac #1 Tue Aug 15 23:35:34 CEST 2006
> >One 68040 24.8MHz processor, 16.53 total bogomips, 52M RAM
> >System library 2.3.2
> >
> >Peter
> >
> I have quite a similar experience on my Quadra650. Time is corrected 
> early in the boot-proces with ntpdate. The lastmount timestamp 
> filesystemcheck has been disabled with "tune2fs -i 0 /dev/sdb3" for the 
> (root-)filesystem. ADB (keyboard and mouse) does not work (as expected). 
> One of the NIC's in this machine does not work: The macsonic onboard one 
> does, the CNet technology in NuBus slot D does not work. It's not 
> recognized at boot, see the attached bootlog ("log1").
> Stress-tested by running popularity contest's weekly job and e2fsck 
> together and by running "apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get 
> clean" after that.

As soon as my mac is idle, I will test the kernel on a Q840Av as well. If
that works, I will commit the changes. Thanks for testing!


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