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Re: buildd macs, was Re: [buildd] Etch?

> > it used to be the case that half of them were macs, but this time is
> > past, there are "only" five: 2 840AV, 2 Quadra 950, one Quadra 650. For
> > experimental, I have one more Quadra 950 and a Centris 650.
> Well, it's not pretty, but I can give you advance warning of the issues
> on those machines.
> 650:   No real time clock or serial drivers. Broken MacII ADB driver.

Not sure the RTC ever worked, but the serial drivers used to. I've
ported the Atari SCC serial driver to 2.4 last year, and submitted patches
to linux-m68k. The Mac serial driver is based on the same SCC chip, so it
should be possible to use that patch as a starting point.

What's broken with the ADB driver? Interrupts, or generic ADB comms
trouble? I didn't follow the driver rewrites, but MacII ADB is a simple
braindead state machine and should even work in polling mode.

Can the ADB code be modularized

> 840av: No real time clock or serial drivers.
> 9x0:   Hard to say (I don't have any). Certainly no RTC.
> The workaround for the RTC is ntpd and tune2fs.

ntpd/ntpdate is what I've used in q650 from day one.

> The 650's onboard ethernet needs the SONIC driver enabled in the kernel
> config. Avoid ethernet cards unless SONIC (DP83932) based. Last I checked
> SONIC was not enabled in the debian config due to build problems, but it
> can be enabled now.

That's good to know. If I can pull q650 off duty, I could use it to debug
the ADB driver that way.


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