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heartbeat 1.2.5-1 FTBFS on m68k


I am looking at a curious build problem for the heartbeat
package which I maintain. The problem only seems to manifest on
m68k, and does not seem to manifiest in the heartbeat-2 package,
which is largely similar.

The problem seems to have started with the upload of
heartbeat 1.2.4-14, which was built at Aug 14 07:30.
And it seems to persist in the subsequent and latest build of 
heartbeat 1.2.5-1, which was built at Aug 14 08:08.

(Ok, I made 2 uploads yesterday, lets not go into it :)

The previous build of heartbeat 1.2.4-13 at Aug 1 04:02,
seems to have worked.

The key to the problem seems to be the following configure test.

checking for gettext in -lc... no    ->   bad
checking for gettext in -lc... yes   ->   good

libc6-dev seems to have changed versions from libc6-dev_2.3.6-15 to -16
and then -17. Though again, heartbeat-2 seems to still compile just
fine. I'm at a bit of a loss to know what to do about this.
Hence this post.

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