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Re: booting 2.6.16-20060414 on my Macintosh Quadra 700

2006/5/19, Eric Shattow <lucent@gmail.com>:
You may also try booting the kernel with EMILE, which sets up the
environment a little differently.

Thank you.

I just gave EMILE a try, but here's what I get:
[teclo@lithium] /home/teclo/emile>ls
boot  lib  sbin  usr  vmlinux.bin
[teclo@lithium] /home/teclo/emile>./sbin/emile-install -f first -s
second -i vmlinux.bin /dev/fd0
./sbin/emile-install: invalid option -- i
ERROR: cannot create image
[teclo@lithium] /home/teclo/emile>


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