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Re: 2.6 kernel

>How long did you wait? Is your kernel using a ramdisk for booting?
>Your 030 might need a while for unpacking the ramdisk image, while the
>heartbeat LED will blink right after loading the kernel itself. 
After white screen appeared, I got a cigarette, and I don't use ramdisk for booting, nor for 2.4.27, neither for 2.6.8

>What I found useful while dealing with headless machines (on mips (SGI
>Indigo2) and sparc (broken graphics)) is the use of a nullmodem cable
>(serial console). Even without a serial console you might get more output by
>using debug=mem and the dmesg program afterwards under AmigaOS. 

Well, may be someone have a *working* config file for 2.6.8 ? I'll try to rebuild kernel from scratch step-by-step closer to this weekend.

Best Regards
Nikolay O. Zabrodotskiy        

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