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Glibc maintainers sought for m68k, hppa

In the upstream glibc repository, both M68K and HPPA ports have been
moved into the separate "ports" repository.  This means two things:

  - The core glibc maintainers will not update them when sweeping
    changes are made.  This was already the case; they're just making
    it clearer.

  - ACLs can be set up to allow a port maintainer to directly modify
    ports files.

I'm already covering two other ports, so I refuse to pick up two more
"orphans".  If you want continuing glibc support for these
architectures, I think we need to find developers interested in
maintaining them in the upstream trees.  I can point interested folks
at some of the recent changes which need to be synched to their ports,
but I'm not going to continue keeping a list much longer.

M68k in particular needs some loving.  New versions of glibc will not
build without TLS support; whether or not you go to full NPTL support
(which I highly recommend), you need to implement TLS.  It's not too
hard, really.  And it's long overdue.

Any takers?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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