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Re: Creating Amiga boot diskettes

Basically, too many irons in the fire! I immediately downloaded the lha files recommended to me into a download section on Gcomm, my Debian sarge on a Gateway 500 also running Windows 98SE. (I have also been busy with my new system redetch which has a P4 running etch.)

I have Version 3.0 of a Cloanto CDROM that I guess could be used to unpack the lha stuff and copy to a diskette to use on the Amiga. I have the diskettes for the installation of Amiga 3.1 but haven't created a boot diskette yet. I guess my memory is fairly rusty and haven't gotten around to figuring it out just yet. Mainly I just hate to mess with the hardware but have no problem with doing software stuff usually. The Amiga is an Amiga 2000HD with a GForc 030 acceleration card. It also has the standard Amiga harddrive controller card that used to have a working 50 MB harddrive for booting. The accelerator card has a data 100 MB harddrive that is nonbooting but unfortunately has stuff on it that I don't want to overwrite without moving it to storage somewhere. There is an external 1 GB SCSI harddrive onto which I hoped to install Debian GNU/Linux just to see if I could do it. I don't mind sacrificing its contents since it used to be on a Macintosh and still 'thinks' that it is on a Mac, (long story, I bought it from a now extinct computer/bookstore).

I just checked modconf and find that I have affs installed as a module on Gcomm (this box). Can I use this with an Imation drive (as a floppy drive) to write files to an Amiga boot diskette? I could copy one of the installation diskettes on the Amiga and write the lha stuff somehow to it, I suppose. If I'm rambling, it's late at night.

   BTW, should I CC you or just write to the list?

   Thank you for your inquiry!  It is appreciated!

Lance Tagliapietra wrote:

Hello Gayle,

were you successful in getting your system to read your Debian CD-Roms?
I never saw any messages of success/failure or additional questions.
Hope your silence was an indication of success!

--Lance (LanceTag@Luminet.net)

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 10:37:28AM -0600, Gayle Lee Fairless wrote:
Is there a way to create an Amiga diskette that will boot into Amiga sarge installation CDROM's? I've lost my boot drive but could possibly boot into the CDROM's to install Debian GNU/Linux on an external SCSI drive, I hope.

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