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d-i testing w/amiga and 2.6

I'd really appreciate it if someone could give d-i some testing with an
amiga and a 2.6 kernel. It'd be especially nice if we didn't have to
take down a buildd for the test. This particular initrd requires a
network connection.

The initrd is at

The manual is at

I'd be happy to know that it gets all the way to partitioning. In other
words, this can be a nondestructive test if you want.

In particular, I'd like to know more about amiga keymaps vs. 2.6. If I
understand correctly, you should now be prompted for an amiga keymap.
It may be that none of those actually works on amiga under 2.6. You
should be able to get to the PC keymaps by booting with the kernel
parameter expert. 

Do either the amiga or the PC keymaps work correctly with 2.6? That's 
what I need to know.



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