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Re: Issue with clgenfb module

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, Peter Krummrich wrote:
> in my set-up (Amiga2000, PicassoII graphics adapter), there is an issue with
> the display. In low resolution modes (640x460), there are some flickering
> pixels. Many more of them occur, if I switch to higher resolution modes
> (1024x768). Scrolling really results in a mess on the display in these
> modes.
> When looking at the code of clgenfb, I found that the value for the display
> memory clock MCLK is calculated depending on the value of the video pixel
> clock VCLK. According to the video adapter chip (Cirrus Logic GD5426)
> manual, MCLK should be set depending on video memory speed, i. e.
> regardless of VCLK. If MCLK is calculated depending on VCLK, the memory
> interface can be overclocked for higher resolution modes.
> Is someone who used to work on clgenfb code still around? I would like to
> discuss this issue with him and try to come up with code that avoids the
> display problems with my Picasso board.

Maybe someone on linux-fbdev-devel@lists.sourceforge.net can help?



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