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Issue with clgenfb module


in my set-up (Amiga2000, PicassoII graphics adapter), there is an issue with
the display. In low resolution modes (640x460), there are some flickering
pixels. Many more of them occur, if I switch to higher resolution modes
(1024x768). Scrolling really results in a mess on the display in these

When looking at the code of clgenfb, I found that the value for the display
memory clock MCLK is calculated depending on the value of the video pixel
clock VCLK. According to the video adapter chip (Cirrus Logic GD5426)
manual, MCLK should be set depending on video memory speed, i. e.
regardless of VCLK. If MCLK is calculated depending on VCLK, the memory
interface can be overclocked for higher resolution modes.

Is someone who used to work on clgenfb code still around? I would like to
discuss this issue with him and try to come up with code that avoids the
display problems with my Picasso board.

Best Regards,


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