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Checking package builds on hppa/arm/m68k?


what is the proper way to

"Please (re)check, if a package can be built by g++ > 3.4
 on [hppa/arm/m68k]"?

Do I simply remove the explicit build dependency on g++,
upload the package and wait if it succeeds (and probably
create the next package version with the build dependencies
re-added again if it still fails)?

Or are there any sandboxes available (I am no DD) to try it
on specific architectures before uploading?

I am specifically talking about
which should be fixed now...

If anyone is volunteering on checking the package on
hppa/arm/m68k :-), its log4cxx, available at


Thanks & Best Regards,


Andreas Fester
WWW: http://www.littletux.net
ICQ: 326674288

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