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Re: Re: PCMCIA NE2000 Nic and current stable release

Thank you very much for your help.
Another couple of questions.
1. AFAIK, for Woody installation I need a Cdrom, burned with all debian
stuff. I cannot find any image on the internet (it is quite old), so, emule
link or torrent will be great help =) (http link is much greater help =)).
2. My friend helped me with cross-compiling. We (he =) ) just compiled a
kernel for me, but we have trouble in options.
Can anyone post here (or send me by e-mail) config.amiga for 2.4.27 for
WORKING PCMCIA NE2000 NIC ? (not a patch - a just a config file (complete)
I'm planning to install debian from sarge cd without ethernet pcmcia, but
then, after boot I'm planning to "swap" kernel to ethernet-enabled. And then
just configure ethernet.
Is this a good idea ?

Thank you very much for your help again

Nikolay O. Zabrodotskiy.

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