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PCMCIA NE2000 Nic and current stable release

Hello !

I'm trying to install debian linux distribution to my amiga1200 with
blizzard 1230/mmu.
I've got a "plan" for building noiseless slim server for nightly downloads
from p2p networks, samba server for my home network and streaming services
for x-box =).
But there is a problem.
My PCMCIA TrendNet TE-210CT (it is cnet.device for amiga os 3.1 compatible)
fails with detection.
The problem is described here 
Kernel is 2.4.27....
I'm almost sure, that it SHOULD work, because it ne2000 compatible and quite
old =).

So, there is a "kernel only with apne drivers" mentioned. How can I download
it ? Or may be someone can send me to "nzabrod#yandex.ru" ? I have only
2.4.27 stuff in CD image, so probably I just can "swap" kernel to new one,
but with same version.
Can I compile it on Windows platform with a cross-compiler or something ?
Where I can get some instructions for building 68k toolchain ? 
(I never compiled any kernels before =)).

Or, for example, can I install 2.2.x version ? Can it support my 29 gb
partition for all my linux stuff ? Anyway, there are no kernel image on cd
(iso downloaded from official server). Any other ISO sources ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Nikolay O. Zabrodotskiy.

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