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Mac 840AV, was Re: Status of d-i kernel transition for 2.6.14

>From my experience with the 660AV (which for all intents and purposes is 
the same as an 840AV, only slower) and from anecdotal reports from various 
testers (going back to about 2.6.7), You could expect intermittent trouble 
with the 840AV if you did acquire one. Neglecting ADB, the 650 isn't in 
bad shape by comparison. (BTW, I found an old post from Wouter Verhelst 
that comfirms that his mac is Centris 650.)

As I recall, the relevant issues with Debian devs' macs are,

- unreliable built-in (MACE) ethernet (840)
- unreliable CUDA ADB (840?)
- real time clock doesn't work (650 and 840)
- Mac II ADB driver boot crash (650)

If any brave souls want to confirm or deny the 840AV problems, I've posted 
a build using the Debian mac .config at


As always, boot it at your own risk. I haven't tested it.

The source was the m68k repo as at 2005-11-10 (it hasn't changed since), 
plus these patches:

- patch_b-mac68k_cvs_via_cleanup_and_fix2.diff
- trivial workarounds for the m68k repo #include problems
- 42_dma.diff 
- trivial workaround for the mac_scsi !HOTPLUG build failure
- kbuild patch for cross compilation

I was hoping to work on the RTC problem but I found that my powerbook 150 
doesn't actually boot the 2.6 kernel at all (it has both PMU II ADB and 
mac_scsi issues). So my "good intentions" to work on the issues affecting 
Debian devs' machines are going to have to wait until I have the space and 
the opportunity to set up a 650 or 660AV -- that is, next year.


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