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Re: Atari support for Parted

Petr Stehlik píše v Út 18. 10. 2005 v 17:28 +0200:
> Stephen R Marenka píše v Út 18. 10. 2005 v 07:36 -0500:
> > Guillaume Knispel has gotten parted support for atari started and needs
> > help testing. We need this for mainline debian-installer support for
> > atari.
> I have installed subversion to check out the parted source but I got
> SIGSEGV in apr_palloc() from /usr/lib/libapr-0.so.0. This is Sarge with
> kernel 2.4.27 running on ARAnyM. Anyone has better luck?

After installing a bunch of various packages for compiling the parted I
happened to try the subversion again:

joy@debian:/tmp$ svn co
svn: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2:
invalid ELF header

Could someone of you please give the svn a try? This is getting


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