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Re: Null modem transfers between Amiga and PC.

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 09:43 +0200, Emiliano wrote:
> I would like to try to compile the kernel and maybe other stuff for 68k 
> myself.
> But:
> a) the Amiga is not directly connected to the net (broadband ethernet).
> b) the Amiga would be slow... so just used for testing and compilation (if 
> possible) made on the PC.
> I could make a TCP null-modem link by Windows and Genesi, is there a way to 
> make the link under Linux? Gentoo on the PC side and of course Debian on the 
> Amiga.
> Some tutorials I could look at?
> Thanks.
> Emiliano

Just google for pppd null modem link.  PPPD is the tool you'll use and
the setup process for a basic null modem is 100% simple.


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