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Q: booting Debian 2.6.12-1 on a Q840


I wanted to try 2.6.12-1 as packaged by Debian, on my Quadra 840AV.
I have heard that it should work (modulo hwclock and maybe ADB). So I installed the kernel package, copied vmlinuz and initrd to the Mac partition and tried to boot it with Penguin 19. I specified the image and initrd to Penguin and tried different root= command lines.

I have root on /dev/sdb4, using ext3. It works fine with Debian 2.2.25 kernel.

Not root= at all gave cannot mount root on (0,0) - OK, expected.
root=/dev/sdb4 gave  cannot mount root on (8,20) - weird.
root=/dev/ram and root=/dev/ram0 gave both the same non-zero numbers (probably major,minor of /dev/ram0) and didn't boot either.

Dmesg shows that it detects my SCSI disks and that it loaded ramdisk of 820 KB in size. Ext3 seems to be built into kernel. What am I doing wrong here?

Meelis Roos (mroos@linux.ee)

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