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Kernel 2.6.12-1-amiga...

I've just tried it, it almost works and looks faster than 2.4.27... I had only 
a couple of issues.

1) it misses the virgefb driver: I had to connect the Microvitec monitor to 
the Amiga rgb port (it seems to go out in VGA mode, and I honestly don't 
remember how to force it back to PAL... some amiboot parameters I guess).
2) keyboard doesn't work, not even ctrl + alt + del to reboot. I could type 
"root" at the prompt, but then the "return" key didn't work. Alt + F2 worked 
after some time (?) but then pressing Alt again just printed bad character 

My config in short: Amiga 4000 + CSMKI: 68060 and 112 megs + Cybervision 3D.

Hope this report is useful somehow.


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