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Re: Debian on Amiga 1200

Alle 16:36, giovedì 13 ottobre 2005, Sascha Cremer ha scritto:
> Greetings!
> I have installed the Debian-68k Distribution on my Amiga 1200. The
> Installation procedure including the partitioning works very fine without
> any errors.
> After installing and rebooting the system, I want to start the Linux-System
> with Amiboot 5.6. I have tried lots of different commands with the
> Amiboot-Loader
> (like this one: amiboot-5.6 -k linuxamiga root=/dev/hdb1), but he didn't
> find the Kernel file. Some people told me other names for the Kernel and I
> have tried them, but it doesn't work.
> The Linux-System is installed on my Harddisk on the secondary IDE-Channel.
> But what is the name for the Kernel to start it?
> Please help or give me a short tip for my problem.

It seems like you have NO kernel on the Amiga side installed. The kernel must 
be loaded BEFORE the boot begins.

You'll have to download a kernel (or use the one given on debian CDs) and put 
it somewhere on the Amiga partition (best is the same directory where you 
keep amiboot).

The kernel has to be a binary image for Amiga, also gzipped is ok, but NOT the 
source archive.

You can find some kernels here: 



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