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Re: Amiga and Sarge: any hope to booting off CDROMs

Alle 03:13, mercoledì 12 ottobre 2005, Gayle Lee Fairless ha scritto:
> I ordered sarge for 68k from Abexia and wondered how to boot my Amiga
> 2000HD off them and possibly install it on a spare SCSI drive.  I'm having
> trouble booting off my boot hard drive and hoped to boot the Amiga with
> 3.1 floppies and then get the sarge CDROM to boot.  I get the impression
> that this is a bit more involved than just installing woody on a Gateway
> 500.  (I have woody CDROM's for that arch so obviously I can't use them.)
> Is this a total pipedream?  Or can I actually do something?

AFAIK the Amiga cannot directly boot off the CD-Rom (it was just a matter of 
time then, maybe OS 3.2 would have had that possibility...).

You'll have to make a minimal workbench disk and put the cd-rom fs and device 
driver on it. Then you can launch the install process via cd.

If you need gfx-board boot/install, you'd better make a small Amiga partition 
on the SCSI and install a workbench on it with cd-rom drivers and gfx-board 


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