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Amiga and Sarge: any hope to booting off CDROMs

I ordered sarge for 68k from Abexia and wondered how to boot my Amiga 
2000HD off them and possibly install it on a spare SCSI drive.  I'm having 
trouble booting off my boot hard drive and hoped to boot the Amiga with 
3.1 floppies and then get the sarge CDROM to boot.  I get the impression 
that this is a bit more involved than just installing woody on a Gateway 
500.  (I have woody CDROM's for that arch so obviously I can't use them.)

Is this a total pipedream?  Or can I actually do something?

I have a GFORCE 030 with a 68030 on an accelerator card so I'm not stuck 
with the Amiga 2000's onboard 68000.  The 68030 is not the disabled 
version that can't manage memory.  I also have a 386 bridgebaord on the 
system (I don't guess I could use that?)  I also have an Ariadne network 
card which should be usable.  Would the sarge CDROM's boot procedure see 

	I'm typing on an unused computer at a group meeting so please 
pardon the off-the-top-of-the-head composition!

	I'm also interested in using a 2.6 kernel if I can.

		(Mr.) Gayle Lee Fairless

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