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Re: Networking for ARAnyM

Christian T. Steigies píše v Po 22. 08. 2005 v 22:34 +0200:
> On Sun, Aug 21, 2005 at 02:59:45AM +0200, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> > I have just got the NF based ethernet driver for linux-m68k working.

> I have to create a new kernel-patch-2.4.27-m68k package, since the old one
> does not apply cleanly anymore to the new kernel-source in unstable. Do you
> want me to include this patch in the -patch package? The README says with
> this patch a real Atari will not work anymore, so I would not enable it.

I have just released a new tarball at

Spent two days just by cleaning up the source code. I doubt I can get it
any better so here it is. New config entries (ARANYM and ATARI_NFETH).
Separated NatFeat API. Documented including help in make config. And
best of all - this kernel has been tested on real hardware and worked
well so the ARAnyM support (or generally the NatFeats in the kernel) can
be safely enabled by default!

Now I would be real glad if this got included in the kernel-m68k
package. Together with new ARAnyM (soon to be released and uploaded to
Debian) it could allow anyone to test the net-install on m68k ;-)



P.S. I welcome any kernel hacker's critical review of my patches. They
work but might not be ideal or even good enough.

P.P.S. Another good news is that I managed to fix my Falcon/AB40 machine
so I will be able to test the new 2.6.x kernels including the Mach64
patch that has been posted to kernel ML recently.

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