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Networking for ARAnyM

Hi all,

I have just got the NF based ethernet driver for linux-m68k working.
It's based on work of Milan Jurik and Standa Opichal. I was so excited
by it that I have added two more little NF improvements to the linux
kernel - power off works now and /proc/hardware shows name of the
virtual machine and details about the host.

http://web.zln.cz/~joy/aranym-linux.tar.gz contains diff against kernel
2.4.27 and also precompiled binary of the kernel.

This could make ARAnyM much more attractive for developing linux/m68k or
debian/m68k. It should allow Debian Sarge net-install and other cute
things that I have yet to try out :-)

Please note that for getting this thing to run you'll also need the very
latest ARAnyM (in CVS only) as I have also fixed a bug in our NF
Ethernet driver (it was ignoring MMU setup which we didn't notice before
as usual operating systems on Atari don't use virtual memory).

Some more information is in the above mentioned archive in README file.


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