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Re: Networking for ARAnyM

On Sun, Aug 21, 2005 at 02:59:45AM +0200, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have just got the NF based ethernet driver for linux-m68k working.
> It's based on work of Milan Jurik and Standa Opichal. I was so excited
> by it that I have added two more little NF improvements to the linux
> kernel - power off works now and /proc/hardware shows name of the
> virtual machine and details about the host.
> http://web.zln.cz/~joy/aranym-linux.tar.gz contains diff against kernel
> 2.4.27 and also precompiled binary of the kernel.
> This could make ARAnyM much more attractive for developing linux/m68k or
> debian/m68k. It should allow Debian Sarge net-install and other cute
> things that I have yet to try out :-)
> Please note that for getting this thing to run you'll also need the very
> latest ARAnyM (in CVS only) as I have also fixed a bug in our NF
> Ethernet driver (it was ignoring MMU setup which we didn't notice before
> as usual operating systems on Atari don't use virtual memory).
> Some more information is in the above mentioned archive in README file.

I have to create a new kernel-patch-2.4.27-m68k package, since the old one
does not apply cleanly anymore to the new kernel-source in unstable. Do you
want me to include this patch in the -patch package? The README says with
this patch a real Atari will not work anymore, so I would not enable it. You
would just have to uncomment one line in the patch-list to enable it.


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