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linux-image-2.6.12 (previously know as kernel-image)

I have built some 2.6.12 image for m68k, I hope some people would like to
try them:

They are (cross-)built from the common linux-2.6 svn and should appear in
the archive at some time. Some notes:

The images are version -3, which is higher than what will be uploaded in the
near future. That was a bad choice by me, so if you want to install the
"official" version at some time, you'd have to manually remove this one

The images use an initrd. I have never tried that before on m68k. I guess
you'd have to copy the initrd, which is created during package installation,
to where your bootloader (amiboot, penguin, ...) can read it, ie your
Amiga/Mac partition. Then add an initrd to your boot options. Next time I'll
reboot my Amiga, I will try it with this command line:

amiboot-5.6 -k kernel/vmlinux-2.6.12-1-amiga root=/dev/sda2 video=clgen: debug=mem initrd=initrd.img-2.6.12-1-amiga

You notice the vmlinux there. My last try with 2.6 showed that the image
was too big for amiboot, it works fine however with uncompressed images. So
rename the vmlinuz to vmlinux.gz and gunzip it (from Linux). If the initrd
stuff works, we can move many drivers into the initrd so the vmlinuz file
will become smaller again and hopefully amiboot can handle it again.

Please give it a try. I'd also like to hear about the config I selected. I
should try to merge them for all "subarches" (which are now called flavours
in debian-kernel speak) and have only a small set of "subarch" specific
differences. It would be good to know what options are really needed for the
different hardware and if I forgot something.


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