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Re: CD-ROM mount failed

Stephen R Marenka píše v Po 25. 04. 2005 v 13:43 -0500:
> > But I must tell you that I have just updated the kernel and initrd.gz
> > with latest daily builds (previously I was using the one from CD which
> > was dated 2005-03-23, not 2005-04-23 as I said originally) and it now
> > works correctly.
> The m68k daily initrds use cdrom-detect 1.06 which isn't released yet.
> At least that patch seems to work as well for you as for me. :-)

After a long time I tried to install debian m68k again. Sarge still
suffers from the "Detect and mount CD-ROM failed" bug while daily
snapshot of etch features new problem: 
Setting up filesystem, please wait ...
cp: usr/bin/debconf-copyd: No such file or directory
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
Doesn't someone have the right initrd.gz I was successful with back in
April? And why does official Sarge still contain 3 months old initrd.gz
from March 7th(!) that was known to not work correctly?

Thanks a lot.


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