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Re: clock skew on m68k buildd?

Wouter Verhelst said:
>> Is it just me who find it strange that apparently no m68k porter knows
>> who is owning that box "chya", although it is running since mid of last
>> year?
> It was never announced, contrary to most other machines. Hence the
> confusion.

And there seems no cooperation with that buildd admin either, otherwise
it would be known who owns it, wouldn't it?

>> And OTOH long time used boxes are expelled because they are no longer
>> trustworthy enough?
> I'm not going down that lane.

Why not? How about trust?

>> Anyway, buildd.net seems much more uptodate then that rusty crest
>> page...
> Sure, but it doesn't list chya either. Do you know who owns it? If so,
> why don't you tell us?

I don't tell it, because I don't know it. When you would like to
remember that I asked you last year about it and did ask Christian as
If I would know, I would have listed it. You may have noticed that other
buildds disappeared as well from buildd.net. Those are no longer
accepted or not cooperating with buildd.net. Other buildds are going to
disappear soon as well, because Andreas Barth doesn't get it managed to
setup those buildds properly (configure the passwords for status

I can only put up infos on buildd.net that I'm aware of. If nobody tells
me about changes, it will not appear on buildd.net. Same goes for the
volatile branch. As long as aba doesn't configure his buildds properly,
I don't see much need to put up volatile on buildd.net. He has all
passwords he needs, but is refusing in configuring those buildds for
months now, although I regularly remind him of doing so.

So, don't blame me about missing things on buildd.net!

Ciao...        //
      Ingo   \X/

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