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Re: clock skew on m68k buildd?

On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 10:18:00AM +1100, Drew Parsons wrote:
> Is there a problem with the clock on the m68k buildd? 

Uh, "the"? There are eleven of them ;-)

> I uploaded gworldclock 1.4.2 yesterday, and the m68k buildd reports:
> make[3]: Warning: File `rendezvous.c' has modification time 1.6e+04 s in
> the future
> ...
> make[3]: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.
> No other architecture gave the same warning, and the file date itself is
> 2005-02-24 20:16, which I can compare to timer.c's date, 2005-02-24
> 23:45 (3.5 hours later, with no make warning).

Looks like it, yes.

Christian: what kind of machine is chya? Are you running ntpdate from
cron? Is the nvram battery still good?

The build should be okay, though. If time stamps are in the future,
that's not a problem -- it's just when they're in the past that you're
in trouble; however, the clock should really be right.

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